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Review of Railroad Facility Maintenance Technology using UAV

Ju-Yeong Jung/Hyuk-Jin Yoon/Soon-Eung Park
International Journal of Railway, vol. 12, no. 1, pp.18-21, 2019

Abstract : This paper which is intended to review UAV-based railroad facility maintenance technologies includes the analysis of the tendency on how to utilize growing UAV technologies for railroad facility maintenance. In the United States and European countries, task forces dedicated to railroad facility maintenance using UAV have been established to conduct the facility diagnosis and safety & security process through competent operator, analyzer and developer and UAV has been used more commonly for catenary, supports, station structure and railroad bridge. The factor to be considered before applying UAV to the inspection of railroad facility is drafty conditions and particularly, UAV used in railroad sector is small in size which is vulnerable to environmental factors. To deal with such shortcomings, the study on disturbance resistance algorithm by modeling the attitude control and drafty environment and controller design to enhance hovering accuracy have been actively underway currently. However, in a bid to be able to apply UAV to railroad facility management, it is necessary to solve such problems as sensor error and abnormal GPS signal first.

Keyword : UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), Maintenance, Railroad, Infrastructure