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International Journal of Railway 논문상 제정 [2013-06-20]
Call for Paper of IJR [2013-04-03]
Volume 8, Number 1, March 2015
Evaluation of Field Calibration Test on Rail for Train Wheel Force Measurement
Hyoung-Bo Sim and Inho Yeo
Sensitivity Analysis by Parametric Study of Load Factor for a Concrete Box Girder Railway Bridge Using Limit State Design
Inho Yeo, Hyung-Bo Sim, Daehwan Kim and Yonghan Kim
The Study on Miniaturization and Weight Reduction of Auxiliary Power Unit in Magnetic Levitation Train
Na Ri Lee, Hee Keun Shin, Sung Ho Choi, Ju Bum Kim, Jae Won Lim, Doh Young Park and Hyung Soo Mok
Characteristic Analysis of a Linear Induction Motor for 200-km/h Maglev
Jae-Hoon Jeong, Jae-Won Lim, Do-Young Park, Jang-Young Choi and Seok-Myeong Jang
Development of Redundant Levitation and Guidance Control System of the Urban and Medium to High Speed Magnetic Levitation Train
Yeon-Hwa Cho, Sun-Hee Lee, Kyung-Hyun Jang, Sang Suk Lee, Kyoung-Bok Lee and Doh-Young Park
Maglev(UTM-02) Brake System Change from Pneumatic Bake System to Hydraulic Brake System
Kinam Kim, Sungwoon Hwang and Heekwon Jeon