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Railway Information Modeling – A Review of Railway Project Management Integrating BIM

Mounir BENSALAH/Abdelmajid ELOUADI/Hassan MHARZI
International Journal of Railway, vol. 12, no. 1, pp.10-17, 2019

Abstract : In recent years, several studies and scientific research have focused on the topic of integrating BIM, Building Information Modeling, into railway projects. We are now interested in the implementation of BIM in the railway sector, because, indeed, it is necessary that the actors (public bodies, project managers, private companies, engineering office) assume their pioneering role in the process. It is utopian to think that the BIM approach will solve all the problems related to project management. Let's not forget that construction is an industry based on the organization of work that dates back to another age. BIM is a process that is being implemented on several projects, in a different way, with different standards. At the same time, we will have to look at how companies will use this approach, which is both a technology and a process. The task of providing leadership for the implementation of BIM is not up to academic researchers, but rather to people in the construction industry. In previous papers we have seen the different dimensions of BIM, especially for railway projects. In this article, we will explore the Railway Information Modeling RIM, ie the management of railway projects by integrating the BIM approach. Thus, we will see: a reminder of the fundamentals of BIM; BIM and legal environment of the projects; the prerequisites and integration framework of the BIM; railway project management with BIM; the dimensions of the BIM; BIM, pre-fabrication and construction; life cycle with BIM.

Keyword : Railway, Building Information Modeling, BIM, Project management, Railway Information Modeling RIM