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A Review of Mitigation Measures for Reducing Railway Rolling Noise from an Infrastructure Point of View

Jin Young Yoon/Sukhoon Pyo
International Journal of Railway, vol. 12, no. 1, pp.1-9, 2019

Abstract : Since increased demands for railway speed and capacity have caused an inevitable increase in railway noise, the noise and vibration pollution for residents living near railway lines are becoming major social problems. Therefore, noise reduction activities are essential to ensure that railways can be recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly means of transportation and to protect people’s health. Rolling noise is the main source of noise at speeds below approximately 250 km/h, after traction noise and aerodynamic noise, and infrastructure measures could be effective to abate the rolling noise. This review paper covers various approaches to mitigate rolling noise, focusing on mitigation measures from the perspective of infrastructure. These include noise propagation reduction methods, such as noise barriers, the development and application of sound absorbing materials, such as sound absorbing blocks using porous concrete, and rail vibration and noise control methods using rail dampers and rail pads. It can be concluded, based on the literature review, that the most effective noise control measures are those that mitigate noise at or near the source.

Keyword : Railway noise, Rolling noise, Noise barriers, Sound absorbing concrete, Rail dampers